Use three words to describe yourself? 

I have soooooo funny answer to first question but it not 3 word,

I'm a bun with jam, but you took a bite off not enough

just came up in my head :D

What is the favorite memory about your childhood ? 

I don’t  have a favorite memory about childhood because I think its sooo boring, lol. Ok, I think I have a huge funny interesting story. When I was like 2 ,too young, I broke my right hand,  and I learned started to learn how to eat ,how to draw, how to write all these things with my left hand, When I grow up to 15, I  start to think I should start to learn it all by right hand. So now I can do everything with both of my hands and its ok. :D

What is your favorite parts of your body ? Why ? 

I don’t have ONE favorite part of my body because i love myself from inside to outside!!!!i really love my body and i can say we should love ourselves!!! just need to be the best version of yourself

if you are not a model, what would you think you will do ?

 I work as a model. That means I work with brands and introduce them. Sooooooo that I wouldn’t have any problems with coming up with clothes and sewing it. Now i can sew and I wanna do this together with modeling life:)why not?

If your life was a song, what would the title be?

Drake-nice to what!! that why it my favorite song!!